Lori Anne Harris' Gallery
Portraits, Paintings

Lori Anne Harris has had pets her entire life, she had a Dog, a milk goat and a prize winning rabbit as a child. She has always had cats but has also had birds and reptiles. Here are some of her Animal Paintings.


 "Tiger King" Original Available, Call for details. Limited Edition Prints Available also.

"In Loving Memory of Bullett"

16x14 Acrylic on artist board 2005, flat black mat in Poster size frame, Sold

"New Mother"  Acrylic on canvas, 18X24



“I never want to forget the love, joy and comfort I received from my beloved pets! With a pet portrait you never will!”


"Sidney" Acrylic on canvas, 16X20 Sold

 Green Tree Python, 16x20 Sold


16X20 Acrylic on canvas sold

Manatees; We are not alone

The first in a series of paintings of endangers animals

16x20 Acrylic on canvas 2010

Original Sold, 25, 11x14 Limited Edition Prints Available, Call for details.




"Punda Milia"
It means Zebra in Swahili
Acrylic on canvas
36 X 27 Original Sold.

25, 8x10 Limited Edition Prints Available, Call for details.




"Budgie" Charcoal and Pastels on paper, Art 8x10 matted and framed to 11x14.



Rainbow Lorikeet



'The Great White Egret'  Charcoal and Pastel on Textured paper, Art 8x10 matted in 11x14 frame. Sold


 A Blue and Gold, "Polly"



 Forest Dragon